1. visualgraphc:

    Gelato System by Tom Jueris

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    The Hope Slide

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    25 Hills

    A Green Hill

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  5. typeverything:

    Typeverything.com - Calligraphy Animals by Andrew Fox.

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  7. welikedribbble:

    Science lab infographic / icons [3] by Jonathan Quintin (http://ift.tt/1mNk7NA)

  8. thedsgnblog:

    Studio Band   |   http://studioband.com.au

    "2013 marked the first year that the Architecture and Interior Architecture diploma program shared a graduate exhibition. We were engaged to create event graphics and the exhibition book. The name ‘Two Fold’ was developed not only to represent the notion of the two courses combining but also to show how the two work side-by-side within the industry. Half-folded paper and a two-toned colour palette were used to communicate this visually. Each colour was used to separate and identify the two books; these were then encased in a hand-folded wrap which, when unfolded, formed the exhibition poster."

    Band is a design and digital development studio based in Adelaide, Australia. They focus on the creation and development of dynamic and unique graphic solutions that engage and help connect brands with their audience. Their aim is to work closely with their clients so that they can form relationships that allow them to properly understand their goals. These valued relationships enable them to deliver thoughtful, intelligent and strategic solutions that maintain a high level of execution and integrity.

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  9. when the appeal to “truth” becomes more and more intense, the truth has disappeared.It’s a profound picture of the contemporary China.

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  10. type-lover:

    by Melvin Tan

  11. trendgraphy:

    Awake your web design skills that rest in your interior my fellow warrior designers:

    A Pocket Guide of: 

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  12. type-lover:

    Carnation Alphabet
    by Meni Chatzipanagiotou

  13. adayinthelandofnobody:

    Crossover Festival ID by Jonathan Finch and Stephanie Oglesby

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  15. betype:

    Korb by JCFonts.

    Korb is a rounded sans serif family of four styles. It features a narrow geometric construction inspired by DIN letter shapes along with more unusual details like open counters and smooth connections between shoulders and stems. This makes the family suitable for a variety of applications, from corporate design to signalization.

    The fonts, provided in OpenType format, include diacritics for most European languages and a variety of OpenType features like stylistic alternates, case-sensitive forms, tabular figures, etc.

    Get it here: http://myfonts.us/PuxME7

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