1. when the appeal to “truth” becomes more and more intense, the truth has disappeared.It’s a profound picture of the contemporary China.

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    by Melvin Tan

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    Awake your web design skills that rest in your interior my fellow warrior designers:

    A Pocket Guide of: 

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    Carnation Alphabet
    by Meni Chatzipanagiotou

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    Crossover Festival ID by Jonathan Finch and Stephanie Oglesby

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    Korb by JCFonts.

    Korb is a rounded sans serif family of four styles. It features a narrow geometric construction inspired by DIN letter shapes along with more unusual details like open counters and smooth connections between shoulders and stems. This makes the family suitable for a variety of applications, from corporate design to signalization.

    The fonts, provided in OpenType format, include diacritics for most European languages and a variety of OpenType features like stylistic alternates, case-sensitive forms, tabular figures, etc.

    Get it here: http://myfonts.us/PuxME7

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    Fête de la musique, Shangaï
    by Alain Vonck

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  10. Broken record

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    Poster Minimal Session
    by Quim Marin

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